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High Vibe Dance Fitness: Celebrating Four Electrifying Years of Zumba on Bribie Island

In the heart of Bribie Island, a vibrant community comes alive to the rhythm of dance and the pulse of fitness, thanks to High Vibe Dance Fitness. Now in its 4th year, this local gem is more than a dance community – it’s a movement. Founded by Sam Bell, a Bribie Island local mum and a bundle of energy extraordinaire, High Vibe has blossomed into a tribe and a sanctuary of inclusion and wellbeing, where physical fitness meets mental rejuvenation.

Sam, a qualified dance and fitness instructor, is passionate about empowering women through the joy of movement. With a philosophy that values joy over perfection and expression above ability, she has created a space where about 50 regulars gather for exhilarating Zumba sessions and transformative workshops, proving that High Vibe Dance Fitness is a testament to the power of community and the joy of dance.

Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6.30 pm at Bribie Island State School, and Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9.15 am at the Lion’s Hall, welcoming all to join in the celebration of movement. This month, the studio is buzzing with excitement as it prepares to host a special guest, a professional Burlesque performer, who will lead an introductory burlesque workshop. This unique opportunity adds to the diverse range of activities that High Vibe Dance Fitness offers, each designed to ignite a passion for dance and foster a supportive environment.

Last year, the dedication and impact of High Vibe Dance Fitness were recognised as it was a finalist in the Pumicestone Business Awards. “Ali King took the time to tell me about all the nice things people said about what I do,” Sam recalls, highlighting the meaningful connections and impact her studio has cultivated within the community.

Classes are accessible at $15 for a casual session, with further information available directly through Sam on Facebook or on the High Vibe Dance Fitness page. Additionally, the High Vibe Tribe offers a free membership, extending an invitation to anyone looking to join this wonderful community.

Participants often praise the Zumba session as a “beautiful space” where judgement is left at the door. It’s a place of friendship, belonging, and laughter, where being part of the tribe means being part of a family. “We are a lovely, friendly bunch of people who love to dance and not take ourselves too seriously,” Sam adds with a smile.

With a range of classes and workshops available both online and in person, Sam’s mission is to promote happiness, wellbeing, and community spirit through dance and fitness. High Vibe Dance & Fitness is not just a Zumba community; it’s where joy triumphs over perfection, expression wins over ability, and every individual is celebrated.

Discover your tribe, embrace the fun, and experience the transformative power of Zumba and fitness at High Vibe Dance Fitness.

For more information, visit the High Vibe Dance Fitness website or join the High Vibe Tribe on Facebook.